I am investigating structures in which we self-construct identity. Focusing on identity through performance and material objects, my works are ultimately autobiographical fragments.  This fragmentation reinforces the multifaceted nature of identity and malleability of personality.  By constantly shifting to my family and friends, I expand or contract myself emotionally and externally.  Both the historical and current temperature of the times in America influence the aesthetics and messages within the work.  The artwork expands past the personal narrative into broader concepts and questions of what informs identity.  My understanding of home is complex, fundamentally, identity starts at home.

Soft Palette is a series of found objects, textured and covered in colorful clay.  The work is inherently about mark making with the activation of the two sensors, touch and vision.  Melting of these chromatic clay exteriors, what lies in all of them is touch, the way we touch screens, object, and interact with images.  This work addresses an otherwise orphaned object to create a photographic archival sense of immortalizing.  From abstracting the visual of the figure, this lends the audience to question its existence and reason for exhibiting.  This further hopes to ask the question of, is there a right way to remember and a wrong way to forget or is there a wrong way to remember and right way to forget?  Much like the material itself, memories have the same affect of being overly touched.  The more we try and remember the more blurred or forgotten a memory can be, our sense of thought obsessively obscure and reimagined our reality.  The translation of performative sculpture creates an imprinted notion of how we remember spaces and objects.  Although the formal qualities of these creations feels playful, the dark undertone of being forgotten is sensationalized.




Charles L. Rice was born in 1989 in Deerfield, IL. In 2015, received a Master in Studio Fine Art from The School of the Art institute of Chicago. Rice has been included in various exhibitions in the Chicagoland area and Nationally. In 2017, Rice participated and finished the residency Midwestern Jewish Artist Lab at Spertus Institute.