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DEATH LETTER - The act of writing a letter, a letter to someone in your life that has passed away.  A grieving exercise.

12 - 15 - 2014
Dear Kathy,
    It’s raining outside today and it seems on point with this being your anniversary and the beginning of this project.  I’m going with my friend Keijaun to New York in two days hoping to see some artwork.  I don’t know if you know this but I am an artist myself, I’m sure you do.  Emily and Jill are the same as ever.  Things have gotten a lot lighter over the years, it was far crazier in the early days of dealing with emotions running high and feelings of having to continue, an uncomfortable force to continue.  I was sitting on the bus today and noticed myself looking at this woman with a red coat smoking a cigarette, behind her was a fire station.  She was not doing anything special, but for some reason she caught my interest I kept starring at her trying not get wet.  She was your average person but that coat matching the fire station was off putting. It’s hard for me to not find meaning that involves images that remind me of something familiar, something home like, something alone.  Alone is what feels like home to me.  I cannot telI cannot tell you enough how good I turned out for better, not perfect, but pretty good considering I am not a murderer or monster.  I hope your doing good and cant wait to see you. 
Death is a Drag